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Founding and History

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living." Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro

Creating Keith Monuments

     Cleveland Keith created Keith Monuments in 1965 as a way to provide headstones to the Chattanooga community at a reasonable price. After working out of his home, Cleveland grew the business and moved into an office: establishing Keith and Sons. Since his passing, we have worked to continue his legacy and help take care of our hometown in their time of need. 



The Need for Keith Monuments


     In the 1960s, the African American community in Chattanooga, TN was largely unable to afford the price of a gravestone. To lose a loved one and then not be able to easily locate their remains at a cemetery can be a large stress on the mind. That's why we aim to alleviate that stress and provide for those grieving. 


Keith Monuments Mini-Documentary

A mini-documentary detailing Sheila Keith's journey with Keith Monuments.


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