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     Gravestones are an object that in the grieving process grant us a home to remember our loved ones. A gravestone helps to localize our grief and thoughts of our deceased to a spot where we can feel comfortable in our grief. We aim to help you create this home for your loved one.


These "2 x 1" granite stones measure to be 24" x 4" x 12".  They lay flat and are set straight into the ground. Each can be personalized with engravings and pictures.


These granite stones measure to be 18" x 4" x 18". The stones are secured to a granite base and installed into the ground. The base has room to add a vase to either side of the stone.


These granite stones come in two sizes. 


Small double stones measure to be 42" x 6" x 22".

Large double stones measure to be 48" x 6" x 24".


These stones vary in size. If you would like more information about any of the stones pictured or to design your own, please send us a detailed message through the 'Contact Us' page.

View Our Design Catalog

***Please note that cemeteries have different size requirements.*** Depending on the cemetery, the thickness of 6" may be required to be 8". A larger thickness may increase the price.

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